Anonymous whispered: (the one that asked about the vampire's dicks XD) No, but how often do an anime show a vampire when he pee's? I mean yeah if it's a hentai or so but besides it, there is no dick showing. Cuz how else are they able to get babies without dicks?


Anonymous whispered: Hey so I read in one of the posts that in a hashtag that vampire's don't have dicks? Do they or not? And if not, why?

Well have you ever seen one of the dialovers guy’s peewee?

ok i’ve realized each of the brothers represent some unadmitted kinks of mine omg.. reiji : the dominant man that ties me up, raito : the coercive guy who has fun prying out all my shameful kinks and making me do them, kanato : the unpredictably rough/violent one + who uses me as a doll for all his needs, ayato : the coercive guy who takes pleasure in forcing me to submit to his will, subaru : the guy who cares but loses control, shuu : the enticing one who knows what to say to get what he wants

I want rough sex with shu like really rough, i want him to throw me around, spank me, tie me up, i want him to roughly fuck my face while i gag and want more, i want him to bite me all over especially my arse cheeks, i want him to eat me out and tease me, i want him to fuck me in both holes, i want to feel him deep inside of me, i want to be covered in bruises and bite marks to be truly claimed by him.

Anonymous whispered: Aah I'm sorry then! Maybe you will post mine someday -_-

The best of luck to you, Anon.

Anonymous whispered: Why don't you post all the confessions you receive? It makes me think that YOU are the author of all "confessions" here. They are written by the same scheme haha

If you sent in a confession and I haven’t posted it, chances are that either: 

  1. The confession wasn’t dirty/nsfw, this is as dirty confession blog after all;;;; (I was very lenient on this is the past though;;)
  2. What you confessed has already been done or is triggering (i.e. wanting to ‘rape’ a character)
  3. There are 77 messages in this inbox, some of which are from a month ago. Yours might be one of them. Sorry Mod is so lazy;;;; _(:3」∠)_

None of the confession are by me! (Except for one where Mod was really tired and couldn’t stop screaming about Kanato;;;) Most of the confessions are sent in anonymously, so it’s possible for someone to send in more than one confession, so that might be why some of them sound the same/have the same sentence structure;;;;